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Offiace Administration

Our office administration program provides trainings for a variety of administrative positions in industry and business. At Prospect College, candidates will develop their office, technical, communication, and human relationship skills and be ready to enter the working world. This could be your ticket for a job that suits you perfectly.


There are Great Job Opportunities in Office Administration

There are a variety of careers for people who study office administration and the job varies depending on the type of employer and business. You would be qualified for employment as:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Office Assistant in Real Estate or in Insurance
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • And more


Diploma Programs in Office Administration

You can specialize in the following programs and gain experience from simulated office situations or enroll in a program that includes a work experience component.

  • Insurance Licensing Diploma
  • Office Administration Diploma
  • QuickStart Skills Development Diploma: Insurance Licensing
  • QuickStart Skills Development Diploma: Office Administration (with practicum)

Studying office administration is a popular choice for students as there are lots of employment opportunities with this type of training, and an endless variation in the kinds of businesses all across the country that depend on office administrators to keep their companies running smoothly. Does this kind of work sound right for you?


Are You a Good Candidate for an Office Administration Program?

You will excel in office administration if you enjoy office work and the essential activities that help businesses operate efficiently. Generally, office administrators are expected to schedule appointments, manage office files, equipment, and supplies, as well as correspondence, and printing jobs in the field in which they are employed, which may be legal, medical, or any other type of business.

You would be expected to be comfortable using a computer and be familiar with the most common software programs.

This type of training qualifies you for full-time work, but is also a great background for people who want to work part-time, job share, or take temporary work.

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