Professional Selling Course

Professional Selling Course

Students examine an overall analysis of the professional selling function, and gain insight into

the role of personal selling in marketing and society and its applications within organizations.

Topics include being a professional salesperson; knowing your product; finding customers;

presenting successfully; closing sales; and managing and being managed.

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Explain the key components, frameworks, and methods used in the selling process and in sales management
  • Develop relationship strategies, product strategies, customer strategies, and presentation strategies that advance the sale
  • Design, execute, document, and critique a comprehensive sales strategy for a real organization

Module 1: Being a Professional Salesperson

  • Topic 1: Developing a Personal Selling Philosophy
  • Topic 2: Developing a Relationship Strategy
  • Topic 3: Building an Ethical Foundation

Module 2: Knowing Your Product

  • Topic 1: How to Add Value
  • Topic 2: Becoming a Product Expert
  • Topic 3: Features and Benefits
  • Topic 4: Product Positioning

Module 3: Finding Customers

  • Topic 1: Understanding Buyer Behaviour
  • Topic 2: Planning Your Prospecting
  • Topic 3: Generating Prospects
  • Topic 4: Building a Prospect Database

Module 4: Presenting Successfully

  • Topic 1: Pre-Approach
  • Topic 2: Approach
  • Topic 3: Consultative Sales Presentations
  • Topic 4: Sales Demonstrations

Module 5: Closing Sales

  • Topic 1: Identifying Buyer Concerns
  • Topic 2: Addressing Buyer Concerns
  • Topic 3: Closing the Sale
  • Topic 4: Building Future Sales

Module 6: Managing and Being Managed

  • Topic 1: Managing Your Time
  • Topic 2: Managing Your Sales Territory
  • Topic 3: Managing Stress
  • Topic 4: Managing a Sales Force