Motivation and Productivity Course

Motivation and Productivity Course

This course integrates theory and practice to examine the effect supervisory practices have on

employee motivation. Up-to- date supervisory techniques are introduced. Skills learned in this

course can be applied to organizations in either the public or private sector. Topics discussed

include leadership, job design, goal-setting, management by objectives, rewards, and


On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  •  Understand the causes of performance problems.
  •  Understand how to assess the effectiveness of management practices in your organization.
  •  Describe several current management techniques and practices in the areas of leadership, job design, goal setting and management by objectives, reward systems, communications and performance appraisal.

Workbook 1: The Causes of Motivational Problems

  • Workbook 2: Job Design
  • Workbook 3: Leadership
  • Workbook 4: Goal Setting and Management by Objectives
  • Workbook 5: Rewards
  • Workbook 6: Supervisory Communications