English Conversation Course

English Conversation Course

This course introduces new vocabulary in each cycle and presents an opportunity for interacting in English.  Many fluency exercises provide role-play activities to practice the new material and increase the opportunity for vibrant fluent conversation.

This 60-hour course is delivered on-site in an instructor-led, classroom setting. Prerequisites include:

  • Basic English skill, verbal and written

English Conversation Student Workbook – Developed in house

Upon completion of this hands-on course, students will be able to:

  • Increase ability for vibrant fluent conversations
  • Use idioms appropriately
  • Understand Canadian English in the context of informal dialogue
  • Increase comfort in using the phone, dining out, travelling, shopping and other daily activities


Getting to know each other

Social Niceties

Family vocabulary

Are you superstitious?


How to use idioms

Everyday slang

Canadian Living

Apartment vocabulary

TV and movie vocabulary

Asking for directions




New vocabulary

Phone Etiquette

How to answer the phone

How to communicate on the phone

Finding a Job

Business vocabulary

Business idioms

Food and Dining

Grocery shopping

How to order in a restaurant


Airport and customs vocabulary

Different forms of transportation

Vacation/holiday vocabulary




Health and Shopping

Going to the doctor

Body parts

Animal body parts

Shopping for clothes

Conversation Starters