Open Communication: Effective Communication Skills Course

Open Communication: Effective Communication Skills Course

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to communicate professionally on

many levels including writing; speaking; conducting meetings; giving presentations and

interpersonal dialogues; and using electronic media.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Increase your ability to communicate with intention,
  • Develop effective listening skills,
  • Practice your conversation skills to foster interactive dialogue.
  •  Develop facilitation strategies for getting results and building trust, plus giving and receiving support.
  •  Choose optimal communication channels and strategies.
  • Improve your group communication skills to make effective presentations, facilitate useful meetings, and write clear communications.

Module 1: Opening Moves

  •  Distinguish and practise different intentions for communicating.
  •  Identify optimal ways to communicate in your workplace.
  •  Be open to new perspectives and perceptions.
  •  Ask for feedback on your communication skills, be open to learning from it, and
  • incorporate this feedback to focus yourself in the course.
  •  Set criteria and make choices about which communication skills you want to improve.
  •  Plan and prepare formal communication.

Module 2: Listen Up!

  • Identify genuine listening skills with curiosity, willingness, and the capacity to change or be surprised.
  • Uncover hidden messages in your face-to- face conversations through learning to read body language, voice tones, and facial expressions.
  • Solicit information and feedback to help to learn about and understand your audience.
  • Demonstrate active listening.

Module 3: Genuine Conversation

  • Develop and demonstrate ways to improve your conversations.
  • Analyze where conversations can and do go wrong.
  • Use the principles of dialogue to facilitate genuine conversation.
  • Learn when and how to speak up appropriately.

Module 4: Mediums for Your Messages

  • Learn to choose the optimal communication channels and strategies for the task at hand.
  • Develop communication strategies for obtaining results, building trust, and receiving support.
  • Analyze three arenas for communicating in groups: effective presentations, effective meetings, and effective writing.

Final Project: Bringing It All Together

  • Demonstrate your learning, understanding, and competence in regard to the learning outcomes described in this course.
  • Reflect on your actions, learning, and experiences.
  • Plan for your future learning about, and continuing improvement of, your communication skills.
  • Complete your Final Project.