AQ – Action & Adversity Quotient

AQ – Action & Adversity Quotient

● A fast paced motivational workshop that helps you identify career goals and focus on
the priorities. The course is designed for individuals who want to achieve a more
successful and meaningful state in career life. Some working experiences are preferred
but not mandatory.

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

● Understanding the Process to Success
● Breaking the Ice – Making Friends
● Identifying Your Strength
● Building Team and Setting Goals
● Contributing to Community & Society
● Learning from the Four Realms in career
● Breaking Through Obstacles
● Obtaining Wisdom in Adversity


Presentation and presentation related technology skills are really essential to all position, and everyone will encounter the nervous and communication problem when presenting your report to co-workers, supervisors or clients. During this section, you will try to do a presentation first, and your instructor will provide valuable feedback on how to improve your oral English and communication way. Some theoretical information and skills will also be delivered to students. The note taking, listening, and feedback for presentation will be mention in this section as well.

  • Oral presentations and successful listening
  • Improving oral presentations
  • Improving your listening


  1. Successful informative speaking, purpose of informative speaking (30 hours):

What kind of information you need to deliver during your presentation is one of the priorities you need to consider and brainstorm before writing the content.By learning the objective information you need to provide and what audience needs, the students will able to refine message with the “right words” so they never fumble and clients quickly understand why they are the best solution for clients’ needs.

  • Analysis of audience
  • Organization and outline of the informative speech
  • Supporting for informative speeches, successful persuasive speaking


  1. Purpose of persuasive speaking (40 hours):

A successful presentation will deliver persuasive and information to audience. By understanding the purpose of this The students will be instructed how to structure their information using frameworks that make speaking with confidence easy in both spontaneous and planned speaking situations. Another mock presentation and feedback will be provide by the end of class.

  • Audience analysis
  • Organization of the persuasive speeches
  • Successful business meetings
  • Meetings in business leadership responsibilities
  • Participant responsibilities
  • Methods of solving problems in meetings

4. Motivation (50 hours):

The students will explore motivation through a fun activity. Next, we will look at three everyday objects that represent three approaches to motivation: the carrot, the whip, and the plant.  The students were asked to answer some personal questions about motivation. During this session, they will discuss their responses and setting goals.   Later on students will explore their feelings about various motivational factors, and work on several motivational case studies.  At the end of the day, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.

  • What is Motivation?
  • Fear and Desire
  • Setting Goals
  • The Role of Values
  • Applying Your Skills
  • Workshop Wrap-Up

This training is primarily hands-on. Assessment methods therefore include:
• Direct observation during classroom sessions
• Checks for understanding, Q+A, and class participation
• Adequate completion of homework given in all modules


• Number of Trainees: Maximum 10 students
• Training Hours: 150 hours in total
• Delivery Method: Onsite training in a classroom or workplace, instructor-led format
• Tuition: $200/hr (Total tuition $30,000)