Adobe PhotoShop Level 1 & 2 Course

Adobe PhotoShop Level 1 Course

In this course, you’ll use the several tools and features of Photoshop to work with images. Adobe Photoshop has been an indispensable image editing software application for many years. As an aspiring graphic designer, you would like to familiarize yourself with image creation and editing using this software. Understanding the different tools and features available in Photoshop will help you to maximize your creative potential.

Upon completion of this hands-on course, students will be able to:

  • Explore the Photoshop environment.
  • Work with image areas.
  • Work with multiple layers.
  • Enhance images.
  • Save images in the web, print, and PDF formats.
  • Manage assets by using the various tools available in Adobe Bridge.

Exploring the Photoshop Environment

Explore the Photoshop Interface

Customize the Workspace

Explore the Navigation Tools

Working with Image Areas

Select Image Areas

Save a Selection

Modify a Selection

Working with Layers

Create Layers

Create Type Layers

Transform Layers

Alter Type Properties

Apply Layer Styles

Undo Previous Steps

Arrange and Group Layers

Enhancing Images

Paint Strokes on an Image

Apply Filter Effects

Convert an Image to Black and White

Blend Layers

Merge Layers and Flatten Images

Managing Assets with Adobe Bridge

Explore Adobe Bridge

Work with Adobe Bridge

Work with Stacks and Filters in Adobe Bridge

Apply Metadata and Keywords to Files

Adobe PhotoShop Level 2 Course

In this course, you’ll work with the advanced tools and features available in Photoshop. You have familiarized yourself with the basic image editing tools of Adobe Photoshop. Now, you may want to enhance the images and work with videos.

Upon completion of this hands-on course, students will be able to:

  • Use the various tools to mask and clip layers to edit an image.
  • Create and edit vector paths to use the paths to create masks.
  • Use the tools available in Adobe Photoshop to enhance an image.
  • Create special effects.
  • Use the video tools available in Adobe Photoshop to edit video files.
  • Automate tasks in Adobe Photoshop.

Masking and Clipping Layers

Edit an Image Using Quick Mask Overlay

Save and Edit a Selection as an Alpha Channel

Work with Layer Masks

Clip a Layer

Masking with Vector Paths

Create Vector Paths

Edit Paths

Mask Images with Paths

Enhancing Photographs

Retouch Photographs Using Photoshop Tools

Adjust Tonal Range Using Adjustment Layers

Create Patterns

Create Swatches and Gradients

Create a Custom Brush

Creating Special Effects

Preview Text Effects Using Layer Comps

Warp an Image

Work in Vanishing Point

Working with Video Files

Preview Videos in Photoshop

Retouch Videos

Automating Tasks

Create an Action

Manage Actions

Automate Tasks in Adobe Bridge

  1. Number of Trainees: 2-3 person
  2. Training Frequency: 60 hours in total, 3 hours at one time, twice a week, schedule on every Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Delivery Method: Onsite training (send trainers to participants’ workplace)
  4. Tuition Cost: $150/hr (Total tuition $9,000)