Adobe Illustrator Level 1 Course

Adobe Illustrator Level 1 Course

In this course, you will learn to use Adobe Illustrator by drawing and manipulating simple shapes to create graphics like logos. You will also combine text andgraphics to create advertisements. Adobe Illustrator is a sophisticated graphics application that helps you to create complex and attractive designs with type effects. You can create logos, advertisements, and other illustrations with ease using this software. This course will introduce you to the tools present in Adobe Illustrator and their features.

Upon completion of this hands-on course, students will be able to:

  • Create simple and freeform shapes
  • Create logos using simple shapes
  • Create logos using custom paths
  • Enhance logo text
  • Manipulate body type
  • Create an advertisement
  • Organize creative assets using Adobe Bridge.

Creating Simple Shapes

Create a New Document

Customize the Workspace

Draw Basic Shapes with the

Shape Tools

Draw Basic Freeform Shapes with

the Pencil Tool

Creating Logos Using Simple Shapes

Format Objects

Manipulate Objects

Insert Type

Creating Logos Using Custom Paths

Draw Paths with the Pen Tool

Modify Existing Shapes

Duplicate Objects

Apply Graphic Styles

Enhancing Logo Type

Apply Gradients to Type

Flow Type on a Path

Apply an Envelope to Type

Manipulating Body Type

Import Body Type

Format Type with Styles

Find and Replace Text

Fix Spelling Errors

Insert Typographic Characters

Creating an Advertisement

Import a Graphic

Align Objects

Apply Spot Colors

Wrap Text

Export a File

Organizing Assets with Adobe


Customize the Adobe Bridge


Append Metadata to Assets

  1. Number of Trainees: 2-3 person
  2. Training Frequency: 30 hours in total, 3 hours at one time, twice a week, schedule on every
    Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Delivery Method: Onsite training (send trainers to participants’ workplace)
  4. Tuition Cost: $150/hr (Total tuition $4,500)