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Our Business Administration and Marketing program will open doors to opportunities in the exciting and fast-moving field of marketing, also our program will program provides trainings for a variety of administrative positions in industry and business. At Prospect College will provides opportunities for case studies as well as real-world projects that can involve industry partners. It also includes advanced marketing subject matter such as digital marketing courses, international marketing courses, marketing research courses, and marketing strategy courses. Also candidates will develop their office, technical, communication, and human relationship skills and be ready to enter the working world.


There are Great Job Opportunities in Business Administration and Marketing

There are a variety of careers for people who study Business Administration and Marketing program and the job varies depending on the type of employer and business. You would be qualified for employment as:

  • Entrepreneurship & Business Planning
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Human Relations
  • Sales & Client Services
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • And more


Certificate Programs in Business Administration and Marketing

Upon completion of this program the student will be able to:


  • Present business ideas in professional business and academic writing formats
  • Describe organizational structure, organizational culture, and management functions
  • Understand the principles of management
  • Use planning tools and techniques in Project Management and Strategic Management
  • Apply strategic marketing decisions and complete a marketing plan
  • Discuss global economics and international Trade
  • Understand and apply the basic accounting structures
  • Assess and analyze Financial Statements and Budgets




Students in this course examine how individual and group behavior affects organizational goal attainment and success. Topics will include individual attributes such as attitude, personality and perception, and organizational culture and management skills such as leadership, empowerment, participation, communication, and motivation. There will be a strong international focus with an emphasis on diversity, managerial ethics, and development of Total Quality Management. Students will have practical and hands-on assignments for decision making, problem solving and case analysis to improve their analytical skills

Students in this course will a review of the meaning, sources, and administration of commercial law, plus a more detailed examination of the law of contract with particular reference to business situations.

Marketing is an exciting and dynamic business discipline, which offers excellent career prospects. The course covers the roles and functions of marketing in the modern business enterprise with particular emphasis on the elements in marketing such as product planning and development, pricing, promotion and distribution. The course delivery is a series of lectures including a lot of interaction through discussion, teamwork, videos, practical exercises and case studies so you can relate the material discussed to real life business challenges.

This course provides an overview of financial accounting and the construction and interpretation of financial reports prepared for external users. Major consideration is given to accounting techniques for corporate financial statements. Emphasis is placed on accounting principles and policies and the underlying rationale for these principles.

Students develop a basic understanding of economic principles in order to discuss issues. Topics include an introduction to microeconomics; the importance of government; an introduction to macroeconomics; macro policies and trade; industrial organization and products costs; and market structures, including perfect and imperfect competition.

An introduction to the mathematics of finance and investment including simple interest and discount, compound interest, simple and general annuities, amortization and sinking funds, depreciation and valuation of investments. Computer applications.

This course teaches students to write for business audiences in today’s communication environment. Students learn to write routine letters, memoranda, reports, proposals and other formal and informal business documents. Students also have the opportunity to give an oral presentation as part of the course assignments. Telephone communication, customer service, and various forms of business communication are also covered in this course.

This course examines contemporary research methods employed in business. Emphasis is placed on understanding the process of business research and how it relates to hypothesis development, problem investigation, and management questions. The major tools and techniques in primary and secondary research are examined with special emphasis on the Internet as an effective research tool.

Students utilize their knowledge of business principles to develop business plans, form companies, and actively manage their companies via a computer simulation. Students will apply several key concepts relating to the major functional areas of a business and will make realistic management decisions in a simulated competitive environment.

A course in human and industrial relations with emphasis on the various processes and techniques of acquiring and maintaining an efficient workforce. It will examine the more technical aspects of personnel management, including legal issues, compensation, and employer/employee rights in sufficient depth to give a reasonable understanding of their purpose and nature. The course will be taught using a series of seminar type lectures, readings, case histories and guest lectures.


Are You a Good Candidate for Business Administration and Marketing Program?


  • Minimum age: 19 or High School Graduated


  • One of following
    • English 12 (50%) or
    • 3.0 credits of post-secondary English or humanities (50%) or
    • Prospect College English Placement Test( Minimum 70 %)
    • TOEFL IBT(Minimum 80)

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